Bio Bugs


Powerful blend of powdered Bio-Agent, biodegradable surfactant and effervescent agents combine to efficiently reduce blockages, foul odour, fat, oil, grease and organic material from drains, sewer systems, grease traps and anywhere else organis material collects to cause issues

Because of the foaming nature of the product it works perfectly to remove all organic material, fruit fly, drain fly breeding areas, odours and assists in managing of grease trap FOG levels.

Bio Bugs is non-corrosive, non-toxic and safe for the environment. It is safe for septic tank systems

Bio-BUGS was awarded the innovation award at the ISSA exhibition in Sydney Australia in August 2018

Blue powdered cleaner comes in a 1kg pail
Each 1 kg pail comes with its own scoop
Powder is concentrated to eliminates fat, oil and grease
Flexible and able to be dosed to the user’s requirements

Code Image Product Name Price Quantity
B5-1 Bio Bugs BUCKET with scoop 1kg
$258.18 inc GST
B5-300 Bio Bugs BAG 300gm
$96.60 inc GST